Whether you’re a robotics student, first responder, farmer or ocean researcher, Spiri was built to work for you!


Machine vision

Spiri requires no external location source (e.g. GPS)  to navigate, and can provide exact location data and conduct full autonomous missions pilot-free. The Spiri Mu can recognize and interpret “rune” signs and custom AR codes, as well as faces, colours and objects. The stereo cameras provide real-time 3D video and automatic obstacle avoidance.



Spiris are social creatures and can communicate in real-time with each other and other devices. Use multiple Spiris in a flock, or "splendor” to rapidly complete missions and provide various environmental perspectives for deeper, faster and more complete analysis.



Built to be programmed, designed to be customized. Code using C++, Python, ROS or bash scripts -- Spiri runs a full Linux, CUDA accelerated computer. We also provide a Spiri simulator for your laptop or PC. The Spiri Mu has I/O for hardware expansion, including USB3, micro-USB2, I2C, mPCIE, HDMI and GPIO pins, as well as a matched Gimbal.