Spiri for Small Business

Small Business Offers

Small businesses and start-ups are at the vanguard of bringing drone technology and techniques into commercial, industrial and governmental use. Your success is our success. We aim to help by providing discounts, training resources, and technical support adapted to the size and nature of your business. Financing is available.

Our products are built around your success. Consider these advantages:

  • Our software is built on open source and open standards that are secure and widely in use.
  • Our robots are rugged and reliable, and well suited to hardware expansion, upgrade, and repair.
  • Our documentation and training resources are superb, and technical support is standing by.
  • Our financing, warranty, repair, and upgrade options make your investment in Spiri pay off fast.
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15% Discount

This discount applies to start-ups founded within the past two years or businesses with fewer than fifty full-time-equivalent employees. It stacks with other basic discounts. For example:

  • $ 6,799 Spiri Mu
  • $ 33,999 Spiri Mu Flight
  • $ 3,355 Spiri Host
  • $ 1,175 Spiri Cloud Package

Items not manufactured by Pleiades are not eligible for the small business discount, but we still offer small businesses our most favorable price. Other terms and conditions apply.


We offer financing to start-ups and small businesses on the following terms:

  • Discount of 5% instead of 15%
  • No interest or downpayment
  • Payment over twenty-four months

For example:

  • $ 316/month Spiri Mu
  • $ 1,583/month Spiri Mu Flight

For an additional monthly charge, we offer the Spiri Mu Flight as a service. Under these terms, we provide perpetual repairs, maintenance, and upgrades to the equipment you are leasing. Contact us for detailed terms and conditions.

  • $ 1,749/month Spiri Mu Flight service


All our registered users are provided with the following product and usage support:

  • Warranty covering defects
  • Ticket service
  • Documentation and tutorials

Contact us if you would like to purchase access to our SDK. Additional terms and conditions apply.