Spiri for Academics

Academic Offers

Researchers are working on the next advances in robotics, and educators are preparing the next generation of roboticists. We aim to help in these important efforts by providing discounts, access to resources, and support for academics and students. We offer a range of academic options from a single Spiri Mu to a fully equipped lab.

By design, our products are well suited to education and research. Consider these advantages:

  • Our software is built on Ubuntu Linux, OpenCV, ROS, and PX4, all open source and in wide use.
  • Our robots are rugged and reliable, and well suited to hardware expansion, upgrade, and repair.
  • Our simulator, documentation and tutorials are excellent for reference and self-directed learning.
  • Our team is experienced with research and educational collaboration.
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35% Discount

This discount applies to researchers, educators and students in schools or universities.

  • $ 5,199 Spiri Mu
  • $ 3,355 Spiri Host
  • $ 25,999 Spiri Mu Flight
  • $ 900 Spiri Cloud Package

Items not manufactured by us and sold alone are not eligible for the academic discount, but we offer researchers, educators and students our most favorable price. Students remain eligible for the academic discount for two years after completing their course of study. Other terms and conditions apply.


A student or university-based researcher can qualify for free SDK access by agreeing to release new work derived from our code on the same terms as the existing work. When direct collaboration is desired, we encourage researchers to get in touch.

We provide registered researchers with documentation on do-it-yourself host configuration, virtual machine and simulator use, and more.


All our registered users are provided with the following product and usage support:

  • Warranty covering defects
  • Ticket service
  • Documentation and tutorials

Registered researchers also have access to the following:

  • Researcher Liaison
  • Spiri SDK

Academic Users in Action