Machine Vision

Spiri can operate autonomously in any location, as it requires no external location source (e.g. GPS)  to navigate, provide exact location data, and conduct full autonomous missions. Spiri runs Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) with Robot Operating System, and OpenCV libraries. Spiri can recognize and interpret and “rune” signs and custom AR codes. 

  • Note: Spiri supports GPS, GNSS, and Galileo on board when environmentally available.


Spiris are social creatures and can communicate in real-time with each other and other IoT devices. Use multiple Spiris in a flock to rapidly complete missions and provide various environmental perspectives for deeper, faster and more complete analysis.


Lorum ipsum coming soon


From auxiliary USB ports for additional sensors, to swappable batteries and landing gears, Spiri can be customized and is designed to work for you.



Spiri avoids collisions and intelligently can recover in the event it’s path is obstructed or interrupted. It can fly with only 3 of its 4 rotors working, and has an automatic shut-off should the propeller meet any unusual resistance. Safety is at the core of all that we do.