Manufacturing, Agility

Hi folks,

We've had some feedback from the group of university labs we sent the last small batch to. Aside from the wiring issue mentioned in the last update, there are a few further mechanical and wiring corrections we decided to make. These should make your robots more reliable, and less likely to break difficult parts to repair. The next batch will be sent half to Kickstarter backers, half to commercial and academic partners.

There were a couple of crashes in the lab. Something we recommend, is if you have a crash with impact on the battery container, to treat those batteries with a lot of suspicion.

We're working in the meantime on improvements to the vision system and low level kernel task management. We're also tweaking flight parameters, partly through trial and error, both for outdoor and indoor (GPS denied) flight.

Here is a link to some raw footage of a flight test of the Acro mode. Our lead mechanical designer is flying the Spiri in this video by remote control, and demonstrates in-air flips. Just a fun video to show that Spiri is quite agile, on top of everything else.

Caroline Glass