Manufacturing update

We had a manufacturing related problem with the last batch of robots we were preparing. The wrong kind of bolt was used on a number of motors, causing them damage. We got replacements and now we are back to work on these Spiris.

We aren't just putting Spiris together with this batch, but also proving unit and assembly tests. We intend, after a couple iterations in batches of 8-12, we will have a systematic line, and every part of every Spiri going out will have been tested and verified.

The issue on the line delayed our shipping. Once this batch is finished, and after some tests of the robots' ability to work as a group, we will resume shipping to you.

Besides the work on our assembly processes, we are also working on the installer, camera improvements, default settings, a disk image, and soon will be cleaning up and organizing our GitHub repos to make it easier for you to work with Spiri once you have it.

Many of you may be at different addresses from what we have on file, so prior to shipping we'll be in touch to get your location.

Caroline Glass