Assembly Line

Hi Folks,

We have been locking down the installed firmware and software, and working on the assembly process since the last update. I’m happy to say, we got the camera system working, and in the intervening time, there have been great updates to the underlying operating system kernel. Some of the improvements will help machine vision by strengthening the GPU optimization on Spiri. One very immediate improvement is that the same installer now works for both the TX1 and TX2, so if any of you want to upgrade to a TX2 Spiri, you can do it without compromise or worrying about backwards compatibility.

At the assembly facility today, I took a picture or Spiri in different stages: loose parts, propulsion system, flight control system, main computer, and then fully built. It has been a long journey and you have all waited a long time to see an assembly line of your Spiris.

There are still some glitches to work out, but some of you will be getting a robot in the next weeks, and we will be here to help with bugs, configuration issues, and also to give tips and learn about what you are doing.

Caroline Glass