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A "splendor" is an ensemble of two or more Spiris running our flocking software, a custom installation of Buzz. In splendor mode, each Spiri shares information and cooperates with each other. A splendor can make and hold a formation, divide and survey a region, surround and swarm a target, and more.

Open Source

Spiri is a fully programmable, customizable and standards-based open source platform. Its main computer runs Ubuntu Linux with CUDA accelerated OpenCV and ROS. Its flight controller runs PX4. Throughout the system, MAVLink is the protocol used for navigational communications. We provide extensive tools and access for developers.

Machine Vision

Spiri ships with a number of machine vision algorithms installed and preconfigured with CUDA acceleration. This includes a form of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), sign recognition, obstacle avoidance, and more. Machine vision is important both for improving precision in normal operations and for enabling autonomous decision-making.


Spiri is highly modular in its design. This is intended to facilitate repairs, upgrades, and general maintenance over the lifetime of your robot. Further to this, we provide a variety of open ports for hardware connection. The net effect is to resist obsolescence, reduce total costs of ownership, and enable quick re-outfitting for changing mission requirements.

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University of Montreal's MIST Lab

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photo courtesy of the European Space Agency, A. Romeo

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plan and prepare through simulation.

Test missions, programs, and algorithms in a simulated environment to build, refine, and plan to ensure Right First Time outcomes.

Spiri Cloud
flexible processing and analysis

We provide a robust laptop workstation for local processing, as well as cloud based pre-processing, processing, analysis, and reporting to support immediate and time based analysis.

manage, integrate, collaborate

Manage your robotic assets, algorithms, missions, maintain invoicing and administrative records in a secure, centralized environment.